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About Kay

portrait subpageBeginning her climbing career later than most, Kay LeClaire became the oldest woman in the world to complete the Seven Summits (the highest point on each continent), culminating with her successful ascent of Mount Everest on May 23rd, 2009.

And LeClaire is no stranger to commitment; some of her other accomplishments include competitive ballroom dancing, a nursing career and motherhood. So how did she do it? What is it that makes LeClaire go the distance? That’s the secret she’d like to share with you. Her story is both fascinating and inspirational, allowing audiences to connect with her challenges and her insights on commitment, endurance, teamwork and hope.

As a keynote speaker, guest lecturer, seminar leader or dinner speaker, LeClaire engages her audience with a unique presentation style tailored to their specific needs. For example, groups interested in community involvement may be fascinated to hear about the Khumjung School established in Nepal by Sir Edmund Hillary. Children’s groups are thrilled to experience hands-on demonstrations of rope teams and climbing gear. Professionals gain valuable, real-world examples of how teamwork can accomplish the seemingly impossible.

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