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Two Spokane 60-somethings find re-entry slow after Everest conquests

The Spokesman Review features Spokane climbers Kay LeClaire and Dawes Eddy, both over 60 and both successful in their attempts to summit Mount Everest.

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Article excerpt:

Re-entry from the top of the world can be an ordeal in itself. Kay LeClaire could barely drive her car when she arrived in Spokane on June 2 from an expedition to Mount Everest. “Even 20 mph seems very, very fast,” she said after two months at a pace that often required three breaths for every step.

Having departed March 29 for Nepal, her South Hill yard was looking rough from springtime neglect.

“My husband (Jerry) isn’t big on maintaining the plants,” she joked this week, recruiting her son and daughter-in-law to catch up on weeding and pruning.