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Spokane woman reaches Mount Everest's summit

The Oregonion featured a story about Kay's summit of Everest. Read the full article on the Oregonian's website.

Article excerpt:

A 60-year-old Spokane woman has successfully climbed Mount Everest.

The Spokesman-Review reports Kay LeClaire reached the summit of the 29,035-foot peak Friday night. She then began her descent from the summit after climbing for more than 10 hours in cold, windy weather.

LeClaire was the second Spokane resident to reach the summit of Mount Everest this week. On Tuesday, 66-year-old Dawes Eddy made it to the summit before returning to base camp.

LeClaire departed Spokane on March 29 for her fourth attempt at Everest in five years. Her previous three attempts were unsuccessful. In 2006, she reached 23,600 feet on Everest, the highest she had previously climbed.