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Second climber conquers record

The Spokesman Review covered Kay LeClaire's Everest summit in a feature story by Rich Landers.

Please note: the article mistakenly lists Kay as the oldest woman to summit Everest, when in fact she was the second oldest at the time. However, Kay remains the first woman over 60 to have climbed all of the "seven summits."

Click here to read the full story on the Spokesman Review website.

Article excerpt:

LeClaire departed Spokane on March 29 for her fourth attempt at Everest in five years. The achievement caps her quest to climb the “seven summits” – the highest point on each continent.

“I’m thrilled,” said her husband, Jerry LeClaire, who was monitoring the expedition’s progress Friday night over the Internet. “And I’ll be even more thrilled when she calls by satellite phone and tells me she’s safely back at base camp.”

One team member had to leave the mountain last week after suffering frostbite on eight fingers after briefly taking off his mittens, Jerry LeClaire said. “It’s been bitter cold up there,” he said.